Governance, Responsibility & Leadership

The mission of the Trust is to do our very best for learners. Our schools meet high standards and all of them achieve excellent outcomes.

There is one overall leadership team which is responsible for this mission.  It has three parts

Our leadership team

  • The Trust Board has a Chair and Trustees with a wide range of experience and skills to govern the Trust to a very high standard. They are responsible for setting Trust strategy and making sure our schools are effective.
  • The Executive Team implements the Trust’s strategy and policies. They make sure that all processes run smoothly and efficiently. Our new executive team is making great strides in reducing costs and improving quality.
  • The Senior Leadership Teams within each school ensure that every student has the best possible experience at school. This includes learning, personal development and skills for their next steps in life. This may be to a mainstream setting, to a next school or further education, or into employment.